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Jackie DeLise, CMMI, CMWI


Mindfulness, Meditation, Stress Management
Author, The Art of Calm & Creating a Culture of Presence and Belonging

Individual, Corporate & Community Well Being Guide

Welcome to the Wellery - ancient wisdom for modern lifestyles - where the cultivation of calm and clarity through present moment awareness is a daily lifestyle, as we create a culture of presence.

My passion is to teach with a reverence for simplicity and grace, allowing for the art and practice to emanate, inspire and guide others to find inner calm, tranquility and clarity. Ultimately we surrender and accept what is  - as it is - and develop a relationship with ourselves for resilient living, as we navigate the facets of a beautiful life, with kindness, empathy, compassion and genuine purpose and meaning.

My unwavering commitment is to share a wonderfully distilled toolkit of practices and techniques, based on traditions, through morsels of potent Meditation and Mindfulness experiential moments.


This wellspring of wisdom invites us to quiet the mind, re-balance the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, diminish stress and anxiety, enhance overall well being, emotional, behavioral, physical and mental health - one breath at a time.

As a nationally certified, contemporary Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, (CMMI), and certified advanced master trained Mindfulness@Work Teacher (CMWI), I trained with the globally acclaimed Sarah McLean and completed two years and 500 hours of study and education - with a graduate level neuroscience focus - from the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, Arizona and Santa Barbara, California.


Please contact me for a complimentary discovery session.

Email or Phone (203) 952.3309

Live well. Love deeply. Laugh often.

And, simply, BREATHE. Xo


Offerings ~


Art by acrylic artist @absabstracts.

I teach Meditation and Mindfulness to individuals privately, in immersive small group workshop settings, within larger corporate, business and education environments, and local communities.


The ultimate goal is to develop a consistent practice for developing more nourishing patterns of engagement, by shifting away from out-moded ingrained behaviors, belief systems, pre-conceived notions, and relational experiences, through the cultivation of attention skills, improved emotional regulation, and diminished stress and anxiety.

By design, my skill set, expertise and teaching is based on the following training and principles ~

* ikigai - the Japanese concept that means "a reason for being" - having a meaningful direction or purpose in life - constituting the sense of one's life being made worthwhile, with actions taken toward achieving this.

* Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, launched in 1979 at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and the Gold Standard in Mindfulness training, through a combination of mindfulness meditation, body awareness, and exploration of patterns of behavior, thinking, feeling and action.

* Search Inside Yourself (SIYLI), the Google Leadership Institute's emotional intelligence, mindfulness, communications and executive leadership mastery curriculum, launched in 2007.

*Positive Psychology & Science of Happiness, created and led by Harvard University's Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, Co-Founder Happiness Studies Academy

Meditation & Mindfulness Highlights~

*Fundamentals of Meditation and Mindfulness 

*Benefits Highlights

*Myths & Misconceptions

*Stress & Anxiety Truths

*Nervous System Anatomy

*Neuroscience & Brain Function

*Positive Psychology Foundations

*Science of Happiness

*Digital Wellness Fundamentals

*Sleep Health Patterns & Practices

*Self Awareness, Self Discovery, Self Reflection, Self Care

*Mindful Living through Mantra, Prayer & Affirmations

*Mindful Listening & Communications

*Mindful Walking in Nature (shinrin yoku)

*Creating a Personal Practice for Calm & Clarity

Mindfulness@Work for Corporate Calm Highlights~

*Well Being and Calm

*Creativity and Innovation

*Productivity and Efficiency

*Resilience, Adaptability & Perseverance

*Emotional Intelligence (EI) Mastery
*Empathy and Compassion
*Diversity, Inclusivity and Belonging Pathways
*Program Sustainability Best Practices Consulting
*Virtual Reference Library Design & Development

Engagements ~

  • Fairfield University, Art Museum @ Bellarmine Hall

  • Fairfield University, Office of Student Engagement

  • Fairfield University, Quick Center for the Arts

  • Sacred Heart University

  • Aircastle

  • USI Insurance Services

  • Mercer

  • Simpson Thacher

  • Mitsubishi HC Capital America (formerly Hitachi)

  • Schaeffler Corporation

  • Norwalk Police Department

  • Mark Twain Library

  • BNP Media

  • Design Within Reach

  • Brookfield Properties - The SONO Collection

  • Melissa & Doug

  • Merritt 7 - Marcus Partners Management 

  • Divine Soul Wellness Center

  • Silver Hill Hospital, Volunteer Teacher

  • Silver Hill Radio, Host of Calm, Silver Hill Hospital weekly wellness radio program

  • The Angel Cooperative

  • Fairfield County Business Council

Education & Certifications ~

  • McLean Meditation Institute, Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher (CMMI) 300 hours

  • McLean Meditation Institute, Mindfulness@Work Teacher (CMWI) 200 hours

  • Coaches Training Institute (CTI) , Co-Active Coaching

  • Positive Psychology & Science of Happiness, Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, Harvard University Lecturer & Co-Founder, Happiness Studies Academy

  • Family Constellations, (originated by original works of Bert Hellinger), Suzy Tucker, Maria Kuhlmann, Mark Wolmann

  • Jon Kabat-Zinn, Founder of MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)

  • David Nichern, Founder of Dahrma Moon

  • Alan Dolan, Founder of Breathguru

  • The Hoffman Process for Transformational Change 

  • Yale University, Center for Faith and Culture, Life Worth Living, Matt Croasum, Associate Research Scholar & Director

  • Yale University – Summer Playwright Workshop


Signature Events ~


Soul Centered ~ Contemporary literary salon with readings, sharing insights and discussions on Wellness & Well Being, Spirituality, Meditation and Mindfulness.

Field Notes ~ Career and personal path journey, exploring Meditation and Mindfulness practices and techniques, to find ikigai - the Japanese concept that translates to "a reason for being", meaningful direction or purpose in life, with nature as the inspiration.

Love Language ~ Creative writing flow workshop exploring the art of Positivity, Joy, Flourishing, Happiness, Harmony, Balance, Love, Kindness, Gratitude, Empathy & Compassion.

Awaken to Calm ~ Well Being and Wellness retreat exploring, learning and cultivating the art of Self Awareness, Self Discovery, Self Reflection and Self Care, and creating personal rituals and practices to Calm and re-balance the Mind, Body, Soul.

Contact Information:

Jackie DeLise

The Wellery, LLC 

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Lifestyles

(203) 952.3309


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